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OFFICIAL Ghost Warrior Teaser

Here's your first look at the Ghost Warrior movie.  Still in production until the end of this year.  Release date May 2020.

Movie Synopsis

Ghost Warrior


Once upon a time an old miner was prospecting in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The miner, known as the Dutchman, happened to stumble across a cave filled with gold. It was more gold than he had ever seen. The Dutchman took out his pick and chipped off a piece of the gold. 

Excited to share his great fortune he returned to the town of Apache Junction. There he told a few close friends about the gold. The next day the Dutchman and his friends set out to retrieve their fortune. They searched and searched but they were not able to relocate the cave filled with gold. It was like it had just vanished. In the months that followed the Dutchman and his friends also disappeared, never to be seen again.

Since then over 600 people have died in the Superstition Mountains while looking for the famous Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. This high number of casualties and the lack of success in finding the gold, has lead people to believe that there is a curse on the area. The curse of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

As the story goes, the very best Apache Warrior was sacrificed by his ancestors. He walks the Earth for all eternity as the Ghost Warrior. His only job is to protect the Apache gold at all costs. Using his spiritual powers and the only weapons he had, a knife and tomahawk, he kills anyone who comes close to discovering the Mine and the gold.  

Jake Maloy, a retired special forces operator, who has just returned from Afghanistan, is struggling to put his life back together. Civilian life presents a lack of excitement for him.  

Jake lives for his next adrenaline fix. Luckily his beautiful and smart wife Aurora also enjoys his adventures. The two alphas live an exciting life filled with underwater treasure hunting, traveling by small aircraft and off road prospecting. 

On one of their adventures, in the Superstition Mountains, they crash their UTV. Unable to make repairs, they are all too willing to hike out. What was suppose to be an easy hike goes awry when they find themselves locked in a battle for their lives with the Ghost Warrior. 

The couple find and exploit the Ghost Warrior’s weakness. They discover that the only way to destroy him is by using his own weapons against him. The two manage to turn the tables and survive the epic battle with the Ghost Warrior. 

As the sun rises on a new day, the fight that lasted through the night, concludes. Each side is forced to concedes to the other, just prior to their own demise. There would be no victor in total defeat. 

As a final sign of mutual respect for each others tenacity and combat savvy, the Ghost Warrior spares their lives. Then, Jake returns the Ghost Warrior’s Tomahawk allowing him to continue on with his mission of protecting the Apache gold. With that gesture, the curse lives on.

The end. 

Produced by John Martensen, Jennifer Martensen, Michelle Forster and J.J. Bukowski

Written and Directed by John Martensen.


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